Your Intelligent Heart ​

Your Intelligent Heart

A powerful resource exists within you, within your heart.  An intuitive Source of Intelligence,  that takes you to the awareness

of who you truly are and your heart's desire for your life.  

The focus has been on what’s going on inside our heads.

Learn how to shift your conscious awareness to your own Intelligent  heart for powerful, authentic
 guidance and assistance

whether you are seeking a way to live your talents and passions, deepen your  Spiritual Connection or effectively manage

your challenges and stress and most everything in between.

​In every moment, even when you are struggling and life seems overly challenging,  your heart is always available to you,

to guide you back to a deeper truth of who you are.  

You just may need some assistance in remembering how to hear it.   

Heart to Heart



Group Coaching 

Group Sessions beautifully blend the synergy and camaraderie of shared experiences and learning.

I provide Service through: 

The Resilience Advantage™ Program

East-West School of Integrative Healing Arts

November 13, 2016 

Massage Therapists 7 CEUs

Open to the General Public

Elizabeth Smith

Your Intelligent Heart

Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Oracle 

Workshops, Webinars

and Retreats 

My formats are designed to be customized.    ​​Let's collaborate and create the option  that best fits the needs of your Life, Office, Center or Gathering.​

Please sign up for class updates, resilience and stress reducing tips for living from your own intelligent heart.

Also to be notified of a brand new offering of ReVibe your day with Random Experiences of Light Hearted Consciousness which is 15 minutes of heart centered connection via the phone.  

We know what it feels like to be near someone we love, enjoy or feel connected to.  We forget that these feelings emanate from our heart through a powerful field,  measurable by science, and are available for us to feel in any moment.  

Whether you want to contribute positive, renewing vibes (emotions) or whether you need to experience positive, renewing vibes (emotions), I welcome you to join this small group in a silent, meditative sort of experience that will help you remember the power of your emotions and your own intelligent heart.  

There is no charge for this experience, it is offered from my heart to yours.   

Notifications of these random experiences will be via email and posted on  

One-to-One Coaching 

You are a Divine Being and everything you need to succeed and enjoy life is within you.  You just have to remember who you  are.   

Workplace Training

Infuse your business with innovative  programs  that boost your workforce and  enhance your workplace


        workplace  environment. 

Oracle Sessions

​As an Oracle, I offer intuitive direction, guidance and deep wisdom.  Especially helpful if you are at a crossroads or seeking change in life.